Laundry Room Renovations: Easy-To-Follow Tips to Reconstruct Your Laundry Room and Make It Water Resistant

Over time, most laundry rooms become unsightly because of water damage. However, with modern renovation technologies, you don't have to tolerate having a dump and stale laundry room or area. There are numerous wall, floor, and surface renovation solutions that are water resistant. Below are easy-to-follow reconstruction guidelines, that include building supplies information, you can use to remodel your laundry room, make it water resistant, and strikingly appealing.  

Use Water Resistant Countertops

In most homes, dump or water-logged laundry countertops are a common occurrence. The wet conditions often become a breeding ground for bacteria and contribute to the stale smell often present in most laundry rooms and areas. Consider remodeling your laundry area surfaces and keep water damage at bay.

For instance, you can install wet area panels as your laundry sink splashback. Wet area panels are water resistant and maintain their lustre for long. You can also opt for decorative panels that come in colors that match with the interiors of your laundry room. Sealable countertop materials, such as granite are also a great water resistant option for your countertops. Usually, contractors reinforce sealable materials with special sealants to make the materials water resistant.

Use Waterproof Walls

The high risk of water damage in laundry rooms discourages many people from decorating or remodeling the walls. Commonly, excessive moisture in laundry areas affects the walls, especially if the walls are water absorbent. However, you can remodel and decorate the walls in your laundry room, as long as you have the right water-resistant materials.

For instance, you can install a wallpaper of your liking, if your walls are made of treated plasterboard. Treatment of plasterboard, such as gypsum plasterboard, make the material water resistant and ideal for water-prone areas. Plasterboard provides an excellent wall surface for wallpaper installation, and hence with treated plasterboard, you can always carpet your laundry room walls to your liking.

Use Water Area Flooring

Your laundry room is one of the major water areas in your home. Controlling water damage can be an uphill hustle and a full-time job, if your laundry room flooring is made of an inappropriate material that's not water resistant.

Vinyl tiles are a great, affordable option for laundry room flooring. Vinyl tiles are water resistant and can withstand spills and flooding in your laundry room. Also, you can replace single tiles that have damages without having to rework the entire floor. Also, the good, old ceramic tiles are excellent laundry room flooring options, and presently the tiles come in varying designs from which you can choose your favorite. It's advisable that you consult an expert contractor who may offer you creative solutions to remodel your laundry room flooring.

The above-mentioned laundry room reconstruction ideas can help you renovate and overcome water damage problems in your laundry area effortlessly.