Important Factors When Hiring Skip Bins

Proper waste management and disposal is becoming increasingly important for households and businesses in this era where environmental conservation is being encouraged. Having a well-established mechanism of waste disposal helps when carrying out repairs, spring cleaning, trimming and pruning flowers, plants and trees as well as going about a construction project. Skip bin hire is one of the easiest ways to manage waste in such situations. Skip bins are simply big containers designed specifically to handle different types of wastes.

The many companies that offer skip bin hire services in Australia do not make the selection easy for homeowners and contractors; however, with the following factors in mind, you can be able to choose the right skip bin for your project needs.

Size of skip bins

This is the first thing to consider before approaching any company for bin hire. There are several types of skip bins based on size. These include:

  • Small skip bins. Also known as mini skip bins or domestic skip bins, these bins are the simplest and smallest in size and are suitable for households that do not generate a lot of waste on a daily or weekly basis. They are suitable for domestic waste such as kitchen and green waste.
  • Medium skip bins. These skip bins are larger and heavier than domestic ones and are suitable for commercial purposes. They can be used for household waste and collection of leaves and branches.
  • Specialty skip bins. Mostly used commercially, specialty skip bins are designed to handle different types of wastes, most of which are chemical in nature and can be hazardous. These include liquid chemical waste, paints, oils and asbestos. These types of waste cannot be disposed using other types of skip bins.

Acquisition of skip bin hire permit

In most cases, you will be required to have a skip bin hire permit especially when handling large scale construction projects. A permit can be acquired by liaising with the company that is offering the skip bin for hire. They can also advice on the need to acquire a permit based on the purpose of the skip bin. In such a case, you should take the cost of the permit into consideration when getting a quote for the skip bin of your choice.

Recycling waste and products

Some companies offer special bins for recyclable waste, while others do not. If you have recyclable waste, it is important to ask the company if they offer separate bins or they pick through items and sort out recyclable ones. Some recyclable wastes include wood and metal materials and fixtures, porcelain fixtures and appliances. You can even consider taking a second bin for this type of waste if they do not sort out before disposal.

Finally, always compare prices from different skip bin hire companies before choosing one since prices are varying. Prices can be determined by the size and type of bin and frequency of waste disposal. Ensure you get a reliable company that shows up to dispose waste at the agreed time, be it daily or weekly.

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