Choosing a Location for a House and Land Package: 5 Things to Consider

A house and land package can be an ideal choice if you want a brand new home. You receive a home that has never been lived in before, and it's a place you can truly make your own. You can even determine the types of material used to finish the interior rather than having to make changes to a place that has already been lived in. Most house and land packages are constructed on sub-divisions, and not all sub-divisions are created equal. Many of these places are created on the edges of existing towns and are often an entirely new suburb. When deciding whether this is the best location for you and your family, there are a few things you need to think about.

1. Getting to School

If your new home is to be in the same town you currently live in, you will of course want to keep your children in their existing schools. But can these schools be easily reached from your new location? Speak to the school and find out if there is a school bus service that departs from a nearby spot. There might be other alternatives as well, and there might be other parents who already operate a carpool service to and from the school that you can join.

2. Getting to Work

You also need to think about your own commute. How easy will it be for you to get to your workplace from your new home (especially during morning and evening rush hour)? Look at a map of the sub-division to see how many access roads there are. The commute might be troublesome if there's only one road in and out.

3. Public Transport

If you don't have a car, you will need to investigate the local public transport options. Is there a bus route that services the area? You could also speak to the company that operates the public transport services in your area to see if there are any new planned routes.

4. Shopping

Will you have to travel for a long distance in order to do your shopping? It's not as though you will need to go to the supermarket every day, but it can make grocery shopping inconvenient if you have to drive for a significant distance—particularly if you only need to pick up a couple of items. You should also do a tour of the area to see if there are pharmacies and a medical centre within a convenient distance. It can be important to know the location of these places in case you need one in a hurry.

5. Ongoing Construction

Sub-divisions are often opened in stages. This means that your home might be liveable well before those being built on the next street over. If this is the case, you need to find out how long construction is likely to take. If there is ongoing construction just a short distance from your home, the noise can be rather inconvenient. Have a word with the company handling home construction for the area and then make a judgement call. If it's only going to be a short-term occurrence, then you can probably put up with it.

By thinking about a few pertinent things, you can ensure that you make the best choice for you and your family when deciding upon the best location for your new home.