Top tips for converting your garage into a combined nursery and office space

If you happen to live in a small home or apartment, one of the biggest challenges when expecting a child is how to make room for both work and baby. An increasingly popular way of claiming more space in your home is converting your garage into usable living space, and a combined nursery and office space in your garage may be the perfect solution for your space limitations. Here are some handy tips to help you convert your garage into a functional nursery and office space.

Flooring and wall treatments

If you really want your garage conversion to result in a comfortable and welcoming addition to your home, cladding the walls and installing skirting boards is a must. A coat of low or no-VOC paint in a baby-friendly hue will refresh the space, and give you a fantastic blank canvas for your new combined space. While soft flooring materials are not mandatory for a nursery space, laying a stylish soft rug in the nursery area will not only give your baby somewhere delicate to lay and learn to crawl- it will also help create a visual transition between the office and nursery spaces.


Natural light is the best option for both a nursery and a home office, so if your garage does not already have a large window you may want to consider having one installed. A window will also assist in keeping the room well-ventilated, and prevent the need for harsh overhead lighting. Make sure that you install a good-quality blind on your window, to block out light of an evening. In your new office space, keep your work area well-lit with a lamp for task lighting. The nursery area should be kept in lower light, so consider using a lamp with a dimmer switch, and a nightlight for evening feeds.


You really don't need a lot of furniture to cater for your newborn's needs- a bassinet or cot, change table, chest of drawers and a comfortable feeding chair will keep the space uncluttered and functional. Similarly, a minimalist approach to office furniture- a good office chair, filing cabinet and quality desk- will ensure the furniture does not dominate the room. If purchasing new, try to create a thematic balance between office and nursery by selecting furniture of a similar style or colour.

Sufficient storage space will help you keep the combined space organised and neat, as well as hiding potentially hazardous office materials out of your little one's sight. If your garage is large enough, you may also like to include a sofa bed or day bed, allowing you to use the space as a guest room when needed- or for spending the night alongside a sick or temperamental infant. 

Soft furnishings and decorative features

When decorating your shared office/nursery space, your choice of soft furnishings and decorative pieces will allow you to inject personality into the room. Aim for a seamless basic design to ensure the two separate areas co-habitate well on both visual and practical levels. To do this, try using the same style of picture frames throughout the room, similar lampshades, or recover both feeding and office chairs in the same fabric. Settling on a couple of complementary colours that suit both your nursery and office environment will help you decorate the space in a sophisticated and unified fashion.

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