Built-in Wardrobes | 4 Types of Glass Doors For Your Bedroom's Built-in Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes afford you with plenty of storage flexibility, so you can eliminate all the clutter from your bedroom floors to give the space a flawless look. When it comes to doors for built-in wardrobes, you can choose between wood, metal and glass, allowing you to cater to your personal taste and preference. If you've decided to go with glass doors for your built-in wardrobes, you still need to narrow down on a few choices. This guide is designed to help you distinguish between different types of glass door options for your bedroom's built-in wardrobes.

Frosted Glass Wardrobe Doors

Frosted glass wardrobe doors are excellent for adding design and texture to your bedroom without much effort. These types of doors offer you a great deal of flexibility because you can choose between a bevy of patterns and textures for your built-in wardrobes. Frosted glass is colourless and can fit into all types of bedroom decorative schemes with ease, but it is most typically suited to modern and contemporary styled bedrooms.

Coloured Glass Wardrobe Doors

Coloured glass wardrobe doors allow you to incorporate pops of colour into your bedroom without disturbing your existing wall and floor colouring. The vividness of bright coloured glass is offset brilliantly against neutral bedroom décor to produce eye-catching appeal. You can choose between all types of colours for your glass wardrobe doors to create a matching or contrasting effect. For example, blue coloured glass will blend in seamlessly with ocean-blue bedrooms, while orange coloured glass will produce a contrasting effect in the same bedroom. Use your personal style to determine what colours work best in your bedroom.

Mirrored Glass Wardrobe Doors

Mirrored glass wardrobe doors are especially popular because they add a tremendous amount of functionality while delivering high-impact visual appeal. Mirrored glass reflects light and images to open up the room and make it seem bigger. It also allows you to use the mirror on the door for getting ready, so you don't need a separate dressing table taking up space in your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, then mirrored glass doors for built-in wardrobes are excellent choices.

Plain Glass Wardrobe Doors

If you like the idea of simplicity, then plain glass wardrobe doors may suit your personality. This is a great way to visibly find your personal items without having to open the wardrobe door. With plain glass, you need to ensure that your inner wardrobe is arranged neatly at all times because it is noticeable even when the doors are shut. If you're the type of maintain neat wardrobes, this type of door offers tremendous visual value in its simplicity.

Exploit your personal taste and preferences when choosing between these glass doors for your built-in wardrobes.