Thinking of Installing Window Security Films? Enjoy These 3 Benefits With the Tinted Version

Installing window security films is a simple, yet highly effective, way of making your home or business premises safer from intruders. Window films reinforce the glass by preventing shattering and thereby considerably discouraging break-ins. The window films are available in clear and tinted versions. While both perform their structural functions equally, the tinted version offers a lot more benefits as seen below.

UV and glare protection

Tinted window security films act as solar protection shields. They prevent direct sun rays from penetrating through the glass and into your indoor space. This helps to avoid sun glares from interfering with your comfort and disrupting you from your activities. The tint also prevents the harmful UV rays of the sun from wearing down any of your property and causing fading, especially on timber floors and fixtures.

Heat insulation

Tinted window security films also help to reduce heat transfer from the outdoor weather into your indoor spaces. This is achieved by filtering heat from the rays of the sun. With tinted films, very little heat from the sun gets to pass through your glass surfaces. This ensures that your indoor environment remains cools naturally, especially during hot summer seasons.

In addition to that, the heat insulation properties of the film also help you to save on energy costs. This is because your air conditioning system gets to operate in an already cool environment. Less energy is therefore used up maintaining your set indoor temperatures. In some cases, you might find that you do not need the conditioning services at all, thanks to the tinted film.


Tinted window security films also add a great deal of privacy to your property. This has several advantages. The first and most important is that people on the outside do not get to see who is inside the property. A criminal will therefore not tell when the property or occupies/guarded or not. Two, the tint keeps potential intruders from seeing what property you have behind the glass. That by itself acts as a security deterrence by not encouraging theft. Thirdly, the tint also provides privacy for your personal comfort as you engage in your own private activities, be it work or relaxation.

As can be seen therefore, tinted window security films not only provide you with added security, they also offer other extras such as increased sun control, UV protection, energy savings, and better privacy. To have the same put on your windows, consult a technician who will explain the installation process to you.