Best Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips That Work

Good and routine maintenance of cooling towers helps to extend the life and functionality of the cooling system. It also helps in water conservation and greatly reduces the cost of electricity used by the system. Cooling tower maintenance need not be done by professionals. Performing easy routine tasks goes a long way in ensuring that you get the best out of the cooling towers. Neglected cooling towers do not perform to the optimum level and will eventually raise the water temperature, thereby increasing the cost of energy to cool the water.

Here are the easy cooling tower maintenance tips for the optimal performance of the equipment:

  • Regularly check of the equipment overall performance condition by listening for any suspicious noise coming from the system. Any uncommon sound may mean that the equipment has some issues that need to be attended to.
  • While performing any maintenance work on the equipment, such as cleaning, wiping or any hands-on work, you should be sure to disconnect the equipment from the source of electricity to avoid any injury, shock or electrical short-circuits. The equipment should be cleaned regularly to remove any unwanted materials.
  • The water distribution system should be regularly inspected to ensure that spill coil area is not dry. If it is dry, check the nozzles to ascertain that they have no clogs or cracks. Also make sure that the water filtration system is okay by removing any dirt or debris from the cold-water basin. The water supply to the equipment should also be thoroughly checked to make sure that the system has the correct water levels.
  • The belt drive system performance should be monitored routinely by checking any tension issues on the belt.
  • The cooling tower should have the correct oil levels and quality. Check this regularly to ensure proper functionality. Shaft alignment should always conform to the manufacturer's recommendations. This is a good way to make your equipment function as desired.
  • The equipment's moving parts should always remain lubricated. Fan shaft bearings should especially be lubricated at least once every three months. Proper lubrication of machine parts is one of the most important exercises that ensure the equipment remain operational and reliable.

Proper maintenance habits for cooling towers helps in optimizing the functionality and extending the life of the equipment while keeping the costs down.  The frequency of these maintenance tasks depend on the condition of the equipment and the area on which it operates.