What Are the Best Option for Fencing on a Main Road?

If you have bought a house on a main road it can be important to have fencing that offers you privacy, security and some buffering from the noise of the road. Here are some of the best options. 

Vegetation fences

Some people like the look of a smaller or lighter fence with a solid layer of vegetation such as bamboo behind it. This can be a relatively good option for privacy in summer whilst the plants have thick leaves but can be less effective in winter when their leaves are smaller and drier. Vegetation can also be effective at buffering noise if there is a solid covering of leaves and plant material, but any gaps can create more noise penetration. 

Vegetation tends to not be that secure; although, some homeowners find that planting spiky bushes and vines can repel potential intruders. 

Wooden fences

Wooden fences provide some privacy, but gaps between slats can make it easy for pedestrians to peer into your yard. Wooden fences provide slightly more noise reduction than vegetation (as well as need much less gardening knowledge!) but noise can still penetrate through the gaps between the wood. It can be worthwhile investigating options such wood composites which have been designed for this application if you like the look of a wood fence but need more noise protection. 

Wooden fences provide a reasonable level of security as they are harder to penetrate than vegetation and usually need to be scaled to enter the yard. 

Brick fencing

Brick fencing tends to be the best option for busy roads. It offers maximum privacy and noise reduction capacity and is very effective at providing security. If a solid brick fence is not currently providing enough noise reduction it can be a good idea to chat to a bricklayer to explore the option of creating a taller or thicker fence. There are also a range of foam filled or foam lined bricks which have a particularly powerful level of noise reduction while looking the same as a standard brick. A bricklayer can advise if these bricks might be suitable for your home. 

If you are looking to upgrade your fence to provide better noise reduction, security and privacy then it is a good idea to talk to a contractor such as a bricklayer. They can review the available space, traffic and noise levels and current fence to make a suggestion on the best type of fence for your yard.