Reasons to Invest In Solid Timber Doors

If you are constructing a new home, one of the aspects to consider would be the type of doors you would want. A mistake some homeowners make is not putting much thought into the materials they use for their doors, and then find that they either require either too much upkeep or are not long lasting. Your choice of materials for your doors will go a long way in dictating how comfortable you will be as well as how energy efficient your residence will be. One of the materials that you could consider is solid timber. The following are some of the reasons why you should invest in solid timber doors.

Solid timber doors are aesthetically appealing

Whether the you opt for framed doors or bifold doors, this material adds a classic touch to any type of home. If you would like a rustic appearance, you could opt to have the doors sealed with clear varnish rather than painting them. The clear varnish accentuates the timber grain, which adds a unique sense of style to the entrance. Additionally, if your new home is going to be surrounded with a lot of trees and greenery, your solid timber doors will aid in making your residence effortlessly blend in with its surroundings. To make your solid timber doors more attractive and functional, you could opt to incorporate timber shutters to them. These not only give you the chance to view the exterior of your home through your doors, but they can also act as a source of ventilation for your home.

Solid timber doors insulate your residence

If you are looking to make your new home energy efficient, solid timber doors would be an ideal choice for your residence. Timber has inherent insulation properties. As such, it will retain heat during the colder months, thus keeping your home warm. This could enable you to make some considerable savings on heating and cooling costs in the long run.

Solid timber doors are long lasting 

Solid timber is a heavy and sturdy material. This inherent strength gives it longevity when compared to other lightweight materials. In addition to this, solid timber doors are easy to repair. In the event that your doors acquire damage, they can easily be corrected with some additional woodwork. This is unlike other material such as steel doors, which would have to be replaced if their structural integrity has become compromised.